This page presents the Prime Minister’s speeches. What is said may differ from the written word. In such cases the rule is: check against delivery.

The English page only contains the speeches that are available in English.

Earlier speeches are categorised according to the Prime Minister and the year in which they were delivered.

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Esbjerg Gymnasium. A windy day in September. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Justice and I were paying a visit.
We stood in a hall packed with young people. And when the Minister for Foreign Affairs asked how many of them dreamed of going abroad to study or work, hands shot up into the air. A myriad of hands. More than half of the pupils had that dream.
Young Danish people are confident about venturing out into the world. This is good.
Mr. Secretary-General
Ladies and gentlemen

It is an honor for me to stand here today. In the heart of Europe. In the halls of the OECD.
Your excellency, Governor Mapp.
Your excellency, Secretary Zinke.
Your excellencies.
Ladies and Gentlemen.

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