Indholdet på denne side vedrører regeringen Anders Fogh Rasmussen I (2001-05)

AFR Personligt budskab fra præsident George W. Bush i anledning af ulykken i Kabul, Afghanistan.

Præsident George W. Bush har i anledning af ulykken i Kabul den 6. marts 2002 fremsendt et kondolencebrev til statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Præsidenten udtrykker sin dybe sorg over de døde og tilskadekomne danske soldater i den internationale sikkerhedsstyrke ISAF.

Kondolencebrevet har følgende ordlyd:

'Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I was deeply saddened to learn today of the deaths and injuries of Danish soldiers serving in the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul. My thoughts and prayers, as well as those of the American people, are with the soldiers and their families.

Denmark has stood by the United States in the Balkans, in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and now in the international fight against terrorism and the effort to bring security and lasting peace to Afghanistan. The United States deeply appreciates Denmark’s steadfast friendship and commitment to our common goals and combatting our common threats. We will have the opportunity to reaffirm that shared commitment when we meet in Washington later this month.

Please convey to the injured soldiers and the families of those who lost their lives that the United States is profoundly grateful for their sacrifice to this just and noble cause.


George W. Bush'