Statsminister Mette Frederiksens tale til det ukrainske parlament


Det talte ord gælder.

Members of the Rada.

My dear Ukrainian friends.

I am humbled to stand here before you today.

For the past 18 months, I have visited Ukraine several times.

In Kyiv. Borodjanka. Mykolaiv – the city of heroes. Odessa. And today, Bucha.

The destructions of war are heartbreaking.

The gruesome brutality of Russian aggression.

The meaningless evil.

I have seen soldiers who have lost their arms or legs.

Families who have lost their homes.

Mothers who have had to say goodbye to their sons.

Words will never be strong enough to describe the suffering you are going through.

But despite the inhumanity of war.

Despite the injustice.

Despite all the pain.

Ukraine and you are still standing.

The world is seeing the incredible strength of the Ukrainian people.

Your will. Never to give in.

Pushing back the oppressor.

Fighting to restore Ukrainian territory.

To restore justice.

And to bring peace back to Europe.

Our Europe.

Dear people of Ukraine.

Your fight is our fight.


* * *


Not long ago, your brave president Zelenskyy and First Lady Ms. Zelenska visited Denmark.

I hope that you felt the wholehearted support from the Danish people.

All of Denmark. All Danes. And the entire Danish Parliament. Standing firmly behind Ukraine.

With one united wish: To help you as much as possible.

Since the war started, we have donated artillery. Tanks. Armor. Missiles. Ammunition.

And recently, we announced the donation of 19 F-16 fighter jets.

At this very moment, Ukrainian fighter pilots and support personnel are being trained in Denmark. Trained to operate F-16s.

I have met some of these men and women here in Denmark.

I can promise you. They are proud. Confident. Eager to bring the F-16s back home to Ukraine.


* * *


Dear members of the Rada.

Let me also praise your efforts to keep your country functioning. Strong. In the face of destruction and war.

Places that were destroyed are now being rebuild. Infrastructure. Schools. Shops. 

Everyone is doing their part. Coming together.

Building a new future.

A future of peace. A stronger Ukraine.

With reforms. Transition. Fight against corruption. Even while you are at war.

You are moving closer to the European Union. Closer to NATO.

I am truly and deeply impressed.

Denmark will support you all the way.

And have no doubt about the Danes: We are in this for the long run.


* * *


Many said that war would never return to Europe.

They were wrong.

And they didn’t know Russia.

I say. Stop being naïve.

This war can stop today.

Russia can just withdraw its troops. And this nightmare will end.

Until then. Dear Ukrainian friends. We will help you.

And no one in Europe can claim war fatigue.

You are leading the way.

The rest of us must be with you to the bitter end.


* * *


Denmark will not falter.

We will also be a strong partner for peace in Ukraine.

We will support your efforts in reaching out to countries all over the world.

Countries that want to see this meaningless war end.

Countries that agree that aggression cannot be rewarded.

And countries that are ready to engage in laying the ground for peace.

Peace at your terms.


* * *


When your president visited Denmark. He spoke to the Danish Parliament. To the Danish people.

He talked about kindship. Friendship. And strong bonds.

And he thanked us for our support.

Today, I would like to pay that back.

I would like to thank Ukraine.

Mr. President Zelenskyy.

Members of the Rada.

And every man and woman of the Ukrainian people:

Thank you for fighting this terrible war.

You are enduring what no human should ever experience.

Thank you for your determination.

Thank you for standing up against injustice.

Thank you for standing firm on our common democratic values.

Thank you for choosing right over wrong.

Thank you for defending freedom.

And thank you for showing us every single day what true bravery is.

You are a nation of heroes.

Thank you.

Slava Ukraini!