Indholdet på denne side vedrører regeringen Mette Frederiksen I (2019-2022)

Statsminister Mette Frederiksens tale ved FN's generaldebat


Det talte ord gælder.


Mr. President. Dear delegates.

No one can be in doubt. We live in a connected world.

We face global challenges. They can only be solved if we work together.

Covid-19. Human rights violations. Climate change.
Poverty on the rise. Conflicts.

As a founding member of the UN, Denmark is a strong voice for common solutions.

And today, we need global cooperation more than ever.

* * *

Throughout history, international solidarity has moved us forward.

It has the power to do so again.

Out of the pandemic.

We must ensure global access to vaccines.

None of us can leave COVID behind until all of us can.

Denmark is committed to vaccine solidarity and COVAX.

In the spring, we announced the donation of 3 million vaccine doses.

This week, we announce a re-doubling of our efforts.

We now aim to donate more than 6 million doses.

That is more than one donated vaccine for each Dane.

It comes in addition to our commitment to COVAX with more than 15 million dollars.

If we are to battle this pandemic. We have to strengthen our ability to prevent and respond to future pandemics.


International solidarity also has the power to prevent a climate disaster.

The latest I-P-C-C report makes it clear that we are standing at a global crossroad.

We must continue our path towards a green future. And we must do it faster.

We need to keep the Paris Agreement goal alive. Limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

Climate change hits the world’s poorest and weakest communities hardest.

Denmark will respond to the call of the Secretary-General. And massively scale up Danish grant-based climate finance to at least 500 million USD a year by 2023.

And we are dedicating 60 percent to adaptation in poor and vulnerable countries.

In addition, we are strengthening our efforts to mobilize public and private finance from other sources.

In total, Denmark aims to contribute at least 1 percent of the collective target of 100 billion dollars.

At the same time, we are fully focused on reducing our own emissions.

Denmark will be climate neutral no later than 2050.

And by 2030, we have committed to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent. We have decided to end production of oil and gas. And build the world’s first energy islands. In time, they will create clean energy for millions of European households.

We call on you all to follow. And to do so urgently.

Every one of us need to act and adapt individually. But we also have to act for the common good.

* * *

That is the case in Afghanistan as well.

The current situation is disturbing. For the long-suffering people of Afghanistan. For the women and children. And for the international community.

We need a strong and coordinated response. The contribution at the international donor conference last week was an important step.

I would like to express my appreciation for the commitment of our international humanitarian partners. They are providing life-saving assistance. In Afghanistan. And in the many other places.

UN peace missions are keeping peace, preventing conflicts and paving the way for progress every day around the world.

No people in conflict zones should be forgotten.

We must include those that have been excluded. And empower those that have been powerless.

Women and young people have a vital role to play. In peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

Denmark remains committed to the agenda for Women, Peace and Security.

* * *

International solidarity has the power to give us hope.

Hope for a better future in the places we call home. Hope for protection when we need it.

But for many around the world, this hope comes at a high price.

We are leaving the destiny of too many people to human smugglers.

The current asylum and migration system does not address the challenges we face today.

We need to do better. To save lives. To prevent rape and abuse.

It calls for new common solutions.

My government is devoted to addressing the root causes.

We have dedicated a large amount of funding to regions of conflict. To help create conditions for a better future where people live. To help more people.

We need to work together to ensure safe and orderly migration. And to protect those in need.

* * *

Denmark is committed to a strong and efficient UN. That protects the rule-based international order, promotes a more progressive world, and fights injustice.

Last year, we asked the Secretary-General to report back to us – the Member States – with recommendations to advance Our Common Agenda.

He has done so. Now we have to act on these recommendations.

All of us.

The Social Contract between governments and people should be renewed. In our own societies. And at the global level.

As host of the Social Summit in 1995, Denmark feels a special responsibility. So that we may gather again in 2025 and continue the work towards the S-D-G’s. 30 years on from Copenhagen and on the road to 2030.

Thank you.